The Adventures of Joel the Lump of Coal

​Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, Ballymun, 4th Class, 11 December 2017

Once upon a time, there was a spoon named Susie La Teaspoon.

She was lying on the table next to the fire. Susie looked over and saw Joel the Lump of Coal with his parents.

It was a cold day and it was snowing outside. Mary picked up two pieces of coal and threw them into the fire. They were Joel’s parents!

Joel was sad and scared.

“OH MY GOD, GIVE THEM BACK!” Joel screamed.

He jumped out of the coal basket and ran under the table on which Susie was lying.

Earlier, Susie had been in the drawer with the other knives and forks.

One of the knives had jabbed her and she needed a plaster.

So Susie had climbed up onto the kitchen chair and jumped onto the table to look for plasters.

From on top of the table, Susie heard Joel’s cry for help.

Susie flipped down onto the chair to take a closer look. Then she saw Joel and asked him what was wrong.

“MyParentsWereBurntByTheFire!!!” he screamed.

Susie said in her French accent “Deep brrreaths. Calm down Jo-el.”

Joel noticed the scratch on Susie’s handle…