The Adventures of Miss Butter Frosting

Mary Help Of Christians, Girls National School, Navan Road, Dublin 7, 4th Class, 10 September 2015
Miss Butter Frosting the Cupcake lived in Sweet Village. She lived in a house made of broken biscuits. 

Miss Butter Frosting was feeling sad because everytime it was windy or it rained, biscuit crumbs fell down on her. 

Miss Butter Frosting lived with Bakey the Cherry Biscuit. 
“I hate living in this house,” said Miss Butterfrosting. “The crumbs are always in my icing.”

“I love living with all the other biscuits in this house,” said Bakey. 

​Bakey couldn’t understand how Miss Butter Frosting didn’t like living in a house made of biscuits.

Miss Butter Frosting decided to ring her best friend Frosty the Ice Cream Cone. 

“Can we go to the Magic Wishing Well?” asked Miss Butter Frosting. 

“Of course we can,” replied Frosty. “But it’s in a deep jungle that’s really far away!”
“It’ll be worth it when we get there,” said Miss Butter Frosting.

She wanted to wish for a really expensive gingerbread house.

Miss Butter Frosting asked her friend Drizzle the Ice Pop to fly her and Frosty to the jungle to find the Magic Wishing Well. 

The weather got really hot as they went into the jungle. Drizzle and Frosty were getting really weak because they were starting to melt...