The Adventures of Mr Doughnut

Glasnevin Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 5 September 2011
Once upon a time, Bob the Giant Doughnut was fresh out of the oven. 

Someone put him into a box with loads of other doughnuts. 

He fell asleep in the box and he woke up when a chef in an Italian restaurant took him out of the box. 

As Bob was taken out of the box, he spotted a tomato beside the sink. 

The tomato was about to be put into a pot of soup when it flew out of the chef’s hands and landed beside the doughnut.

 “Mama mia!” yelled the chef as he ran over to get the tomato. 

He reached out to grab the tomato but just before the chef could grab it, the tomato flew away with Bob the Doughnut to a table. 

 “Let go of me!” shouted Bob the Doughnut. 

“How can you fly anyway?” “I’m Super Tomato!” said the tomato. “And I’m here to save you!”

 The doughnut and the tomato thought that they landed safely, but little did they know that they were being watched by a bowl of enemy meatballs who thought the tomato and the doughnut were spying.