The Adventures of Mr. Grumpy the Tiny Toilet

Harold School, Glasthule.2nd Class, 15th December 2015

Once there was a tiny toilet and his name was Mr. Grumpy. He woke up in the middle of the night because he was in a grumpy nightmare.

The nightmare was about him being smaller, but his greatest wish was to be bigger.

His best friend was Molly, the girl with the multi-coloured hair. 

She heard him screaming so she came into his room. “Are you okay Mr. Grumpy?” she said. “I’m okay,” he said in a grumpy voice. 

He flushed himself to calm himself but the water came out the wrong way, which caused him to trip up.

Then Molly said, “I’ll sleep in your room for the rest of the night.” “No I’m fine,” Mr. Grumpy said folding his arms. 

“Are you sure?” said Molly. 

“Yes I’m sure,” said Mr. Grumpy in a grumpy voice. “I’m fine being grumpy. Well maybe you can sleep on the other side of the bed and stay there.” Mr. Grumpy said, ”just as long as you don’t snore.” 

Molly replied, “why don’t you sleep on the other side of the bed?”

They went to sleep and the next morning Molly’s hair was no longer multi-coloured! He didn’t recognise her and he said, “who are you? You’re not Molly, you don’t have multi-coloured hair. I’m calling the cops.”

“It’s me - Molly!” she said confused. She went to the mirror and when she saw herself she screamed...