The Adventures of Mrs Muffin Corn

Scoil Assaim Boys National School, Raheny​, 5th Class, 4th October 2018

It was a hot day in the Sahara. Mrs Muffin Corn was so hungry that she was eating sand.

Puffer Puppy had eaten all of the food.

Sticky Stevie was there too, doing a wheelie in his wheelchair.

Mrs Muffin Corn slowly crawled to try to find some pizza after she got a drink.

While Mrs Muffin Corn was eating sand, she found an antelope. She left Puffer Puppy to get the antelope.

Sticky Stevie came over and ate the antelope.

The antelope rose from the dead and ate Sticky Stevie.

Mrs Muffin Corn said to Puffer Puppy, “You shouldn’t have eaten all of the food.”

Mrs Muffin Corn saw a town in the distance. Seeing how her pet was dead, she wanted to look for a new one…