The Adventures of Ninja Boy

St Luke’s National School, Tyrrelstown, 5th Class, 22 May 2017 

In a big, mysterious world there was a ninja boy called Jacob. 

When Jacob was five, he ran away from the orphanage.

He ended up in a jungle and heard a little slithering in the grass.

Jacob jumped up on a rock. “What’s that sound?” he said.

“Don’t be afraid. I jussst want to be your friend,” said a voice with a lisp.

The creature looked like a snake.

“Hey snake, where did you learn how to speak?” Jacob wanted to know.

“My name is Max. I’m half- human and half-snake because of toxic ooze,” the creature told him.

Jacob got down off the rock slowly.

Max said, “What are you doing here on your own? It’ssss not sssafe.”

Jacob and Max heard growling in the distance. . .