The Adventures of Puffy and Coughy Germs

Central Model Senior School, 4th Class, 21st May 2012
There once was a young boy called Billy. 

When he was ten, he went to a gaming convention and while he was playing Pacman he got sucked into the amazing imaginary game world and found himself transformed into a watermelon. 

“I. AM. A. WATERMELON!” he cried.

Just then he heard, “Ahem- AhemAhemAhem!” and spinning around, he spotted a floating cough.

“A floating cough! Now I’ve seen everything!” said poor Billy. 

“How ya doin’? My name is Coughy Germs.  I used to be a real boy, but a few years ago I got sucked into this crazy world. What’s your name?” said the cloud. 

“My name is Billy” said Billy, amazed. 
“Billy is no name for a place like this!  Your name is now PUFFY!” said the cloud. 

“Am I going to be stuck like this forever?” asked Puffy. 

“Well, maybe not,” said Coughy.  “There is a wizard called Jolly Jack – we call him J.J. for short.  He is the boss of this world.  He lives at the far reaches of the game and he is all-powerful.  Watch out! Here comes Pacman and he’s hungry!” 

They ran though the maze. 

While they were running Coughy told Puffy, “If you defeat J.J. and get the magic crystal, he will free you from the game.  But if not, you’re stuck here as a watermelon FOREVER...ever..ever..ever.”