The Adventures of Pug Man and Max the Husky

O’Connell Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1, 3rd Class, 22 May 2019

Once in a dog’s life, Pug Man entered a pet shop. Pug Man had a great wish, which was to go on holidays to Pugzarote.

There was a young lady in the pet shop and she was looking for a pet.

She wanted a pug so she could go to Pugzarote too (you don’t need a ticket to go to Pugzarote, but you do need a pug).

The young lady’s name was Zara. She and Pug Man decided to go to Pugzarote together.

Outside the airport, they found a sad-looking husky. Zara said, “This husky looks sad. Let’s see what’s wrong with him. Let’s bring him with us.”

Pug Man thought in his head that he would rather go by himself but he went along with it.

The husky turned around his nametag and said, “My name is Max.”

Pug Man asked, “Would you like to go to Pugzarote with us?”

And Max shouted “YES!”

Max was a bit clumsy. He said, “My mum is Linda.”

Pug Man and Zara looked at each other awkwardly.

Zara said to Pug Man, “Clumsy people, huh?”

They looked up at the flight information sign. It said:


Pug Man heard a vacuum cleaner behind him and he ran straight out the door…