The Adventures of Supercat

Galway Educate Together National School, 4th Class, 13 April 2018

Supercat was out and about one day and found some magical milk. 

When she drank it, she suddenly felt powerful, so powerful that no other cat could defeat her.

Supercat ran to tell her best friend, Mango.  She couldn’t find him, but saw a note instead.

The note read:

“I have stolen Mango. I am holding him ransom for $10,000,000!


Evil Water-Man”

Supercat ran to her catmobile and drove to the beach, looking for Evil Water-Man.

She searched for his lair, and spotted a floating castle on an island in the water. 

But Supercat was scared of water and didn’t know how to save her friend.

To activate her magic powers she said, “By the power of magic milk, I want to swim out to the castle!”

Once on the island, Supercat snooped around and found a riddle…

“I have 4 legs in the morning,

I have 2 legs in the evening and I have 3 legs at night.

What am I?”

Supercat was stumped but used her telepathic powers to figure out that the answer is: A HUMAN – a baby crawling, an adult walking, and an old person with a stick.

As soon as Supercat got the right answer, the door to the castle opened. 

She found the ten billion and one cells, in the dungeon, but they were heavily guarded.

How was she to get Mango out?

The water was coming into the dungeon, creeping up into the cells. 

Mango was beginning to float in the rising water, but Supercat could not get over her fear of water to help rescue him…