The Adventures of Woody the Flying Table & a Potato

Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray. 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 13th October 2020

I woke up and my family were gone. I looked out the window to see them in the garden beside a for sale sign. This is not a normal story… beware.

I saw lumberjacks looking to buy the tables. My greatest fear was someone or something looking to buy my family.

As my mother was being thrown on the back of the truck, I heard her scream my name but there was nothing I could do.

The lumberjacks also took my sister, Ciara the Coffee Table.

They thought she was a stool. Then I heard a voice say, “Hurry! We can still save them!”

I looked down and I saw my best friend Bob, the Potato with arms and legs. I flew to the furniture shop with Bob.

“Follow me, Woody. They might be in storage!” whispered Bob.

I had actually known Bob a whole two minutes.

I had seen him jump out of the ginger-bearded lumberjack’s lunch box.

I was terrified when I heard my mom scream for help.

“Calm down.” Bob said soothingly.

They had just landed at the furniture shop and I didn’t realise I was trembling.

I was petrified when I saw the flicker of a red-checkered shirt behind me.

We ran into a door that said ‘Storage’ and quickly closed it behind us. There was a lumberjack waiting for us.

Immediately the lumberjack said, “I’ve been looking for a table like this for my mom’s birthday.”

“I’m sorry, you’re looking for the wrong table,” Woody said sarcastically.

Suddenly, the ginger-bearded lumberjack said to Bob, “I’ve been looking for you potato. I’m going to burn you to a crisp!”

As he grabbed Bob, I wasn’t sure what to do to save him or my mom. I made my choice…