Aither’s Adventure

St Mary's NS Carrigaline, 3rd Class at Crawford Art Gallery, County Cork

Aither Astroid was a white fox with blue horns and black wings that lived in a painting in the Crawford Art Gallery. He sneaks out at night sometimes to get food.

Every day when the children come they touch and stroke the painting and he doesn’t like it!

Every time they touch the painting he disappears into another picture.

One day he disappeared into another picture and met the black fox.

The black fox was called Miles and at first Miles didn’t really like Aither.

Miles said, ‘Go away, you don’t belong in this painting!’

Aither said, ‘Make me!’

Miles tried to hit and bite him but he missed because Aither was too fast for him.

Aither jumped into a portal and Miles jumped in after him.

They landed into a different museum and they couldn’t go back because the portal was closed.

Miles went out of that gallery and took all the paintings with him.

Aither didn’t know where he was anymore and he felt horrible for making Miles feel bad.

He decided to get a nice burger to make Miles feel better again.

But when he got back with the burger – hands and eyes popped out of the burger. The burger was very angry....