Al and Cheesy's Army

St Thomas’ SNS, Tallaght​, 4th class,  Counnty Wicklow, 14th February 2019

Once there was a flying taco and his name was Al. His best friend was Cheesy the Spotty Cheese.

They met one day in a shop when Cheesy accidentally stuck cheese on Al.

“We have fused,” Al said. They high-fived and wished for a new power.

“How about we make an army with all the tacos in town,” Al suggested.

“Not just tacos but all the cheeses as well?” Cheesy replied.

“Great idea, but not too much cheese.”

“Why not too much cheese?” Cheesy asked. “Then, why are there a lot of tacos?”

“Okay, then. Fifty, fifty.”

A man came up to their table and saw the taco and cheese sitting on their chairs, Silly waitresses, he thought. Why are they on chairs and not on the table?

When the man left the restaurant, Al and Cheesy also left and tried to fly.

Al flew for a minute before he fell when suddenly the man from the restaurant began to chase them.

He wanted to bring them back to the restaurant so he could eat them.

“Come here taco and cheese!” the man shouted.

Luckily, the taco and cheese army came…