Alfie and The Mysterious Forest

St.Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne, 3rd Class, 21st April 2015
Alfie the dog was out with his friend Connie the rhino.

They were playing hide and seek in the park.

A strong wind came up and blew Connie the rhino away.

‘HEEELLLLPPPPP’, screamed Connie. Alfie didn’t know what to do. He felt sad and nervous. ‘This is dreadful’, he thought.

The wind blew Connie into a mysterious forest. There were yellow eyes in all the trees.

Alfie wanted to help Connie but he was scared.

Alfie trembled as he walked into the forest.

Alfie heard Connie yelping, she was stuck high in the tree.

Evil the banana was holding Connie prisoner in the tree.

Evil said to Alfie ‘I will give you back your friend if you let me give you a greatest fear’.

Alfie said ‘Ok, what is the fear?’ Evil the banana said ‘To be afraid of your own shadow’.

‘Ok, I’ll do it’, said Alfie. When they were leaving the forest, Evil the banana sent a huge, fierce bear after them...