Alfonso Meets the Florkies

Glasnevin, Educate Together School , 5th Class, 14/12/2009
Once there was a fencing Oreo called Alfonso.  He was living peacefully in his home in Spain, a small village called Afromania. 

Afromania was a very dark place where it rained milk every day.

On the rare sunny days, everyone in Afromania liked to swim in the pools of chocolate in the village.  Everyone in Afromania was a sausage with an afro hairstyle except for Alfonso and his best friend, Steamroller Sam.

When they were little, Alfonso and Steamroller Sam were told by the mayor of Afromania that they could only fit in and get an afro hairstyle if they tickled a blue flamingo when they were ten years old.

If they didn’t, they would be cursed!  The problem was that everybody knew that blue flamingos were only found in the south of North Pole.

Two weeks before their tenth birthdays – Alfonso and Sam were born on the same day – the two friends were talking.

“I can’t wait for our birthdays,” said Sam.

“Oh no! Don’t you remember that we have to tickle a blue flamingo and bring back a feather to prove we did it so we can stay in Afromania?” said Alfonso.

“We had better buy our giant underwater submarine llama with a built-in radio so we can get there,” said Sam.

Legend had it that the blue flamingos lived in a big farm guarded by giant bald men called Florkies.  The Florkies liked to eat the flamingos.

“I’m really scared of the Florkies,” said Alfonso.

“I don’t think they exist,” Sam told him.

Meanwhile, the mind-reading Florkies were saying to themselves, “ We don’t want those ten year olds to come here. 

We had better get ready for them.”