Alive to Scare the Living

Mary Mother of Hope NS, Littlepace, 6th Class, Thursday 15th March, 2012
Barry was walking past his new neighbour’s haunted house and he shivered in fear.

He had heard rumours that during the night the house came alive!

Before that day, on Halloween night, Barry had been trick or treating and heard the house laughing in an evil way!

Suddenly, Barry saw his friend that he had left behind in San Francisco, Decko the Gecko, walking the other way.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” asked Decko the Gecko.
“What are you doing here?” asked Barry.

“This is my new house,” explained Decko the Gecko.

“Watch out. It’s haunted,” Barry told him.

Decko the Gecko started laughing, “You’re just trying to trick me.”

Later on that night, while Decko was watching a comedy, two skeletons came and sat down either side of him, and started laughing. Decko was paralysed by fear but he snapped out of it, ran up the stairs and called Barry...