All Alone

St Vincent de Paul GNS, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 20 September 2011
Once there was a squirrel called Dexter Murphy.

illustration story 1 He lived his life in shame. He always got everything wrong and he was terrible lawyer.

Dexter was very nervous and trembled all the time.  One time, a judge said to Dexter,  “Is your client innocent?”

Dexter said, “I- I- I- I- I don’t know.” And the judge sentenced his client to prison.

It all began years and years ago in high school - that was when the stammer began.

He and Sugar the Talking Doughnut were best friends -but Dexter was secretly in love with her.

The only problem was Sugar liked Devil Dust the Hamburger. 

illustration story 2Devil Dust was the coolest hamburger in the school and the captain of the meatball team.

It was Dexter’s sixteenth birthday and his parents gave him two tickets for Jedwina the Singing Giraffes.

The next day at school, he asked Sugar to go with him. Sugar told him, ”I’m really sorry but I’m already going with Devil Dust.”

Dexter said, ”Well, I can come too.”

Sugar said,”Alloonneeee!!!”

In his anger, Dexter threw his tickets in the bin. 

After he walked away, Devil Dust came along and took the tickets out of the bin. 

Devil Dust had been too mean and tightfisted to buy the tickets with his money, but now he had two tickets for free!