The Amazing Adventure of Paul and Phil

St Brigid’s BNS, Killester , 5th class, 28th March 2019

Phil the tin of beans was walking down the street to the supermarket. He wanted to find a friend.

As he was walking down the fruit and vegetable aisle, a potato jumped out in front of him and said, “Hi! I’m Paul.”

Phil reacted by saying, “You scared the living beans out of me!”

Paul said, “Sorry, I didn’t realise you had beans in you - I thought you were empty.”

Phil said, “Anyway, my name is Phil.”

After chatting for a few minutes, Phil and Paul decided to go to the cinema.

They saw the latest horror movie - ‘Peely Peely Potato.’ The villain was a huge tin of Brussels sprouts.

Phil and Paul both loved the movie and wanted to put a review online.

They went to EuroGiant to buy the cheapest fake Gucci camera they could find.

They bought a camera to record with and when they posted the video on YouTube, it went viral…