The Amazing Adventures of Tom the Toast and Pickle the Crazy Rich Pickle

​Skerries Educate Together National School, 4th Class, 26th October 2016

Pickle, the super-rich crazy pickle, met his friend Tom the toast. 

“Hello! Do you like eating pickles?” he asked.

There was an awkward silence.

“Yes,” said Tom.

“I’m a pickle!” said Pickle the pickle.

Pickle and Tom put the awkwardness behind them! 

They went to the cinema, where they met Mrs McDonkey. She was holding a banana crossbow.

Pickle and Tom were paralysed with fear. Mrs McDonkey was the WORST! 

She was like Ms Trunchbull, but a donkey who worked with bananas.

Mrs McDonkey started chasing Pickle and Tom all over the place. They ran to a wrestling ring that appeared out of nowhere. 

In a loud voice, a commentator shouted, “Welcome to the biggest match in history! It’s Pickle and Tom vs. McDonkey!”

Pickle the pickle panicked. He opened his briefcase and pressed a button that sent them back in time...