The Amazing Meatball

​Brittas Bay National School, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 29 March 2017

Meaty the meatball got beaten up! 

Then Skinny Spaghetti, his best friend, came in and wrapped his legs around Apple Pie, the bad guy, and threw him off the building. 

Apple Pie fell onto a trampoline and bounced back up!  

Then he fell back down again and got arrested by the guards.  

But Pineapple, Apple Pie’s friend and sidekick, hypnotised the guards to take the handcuffs off Apple Pie.  

Meanwhile, Meaty and Skinny went on down the road and Skinny said:  “I would like to get more stretchy, so that I can stretch from building to building!”  

Out of nowhere, the hypnotised crazy guards came back and arrested Skinny Spaghetti…