Amber's Dream Come True

Gardiner Street Primary School, 6th Class, 28th May 2009
Princess Amber was in the garden of her castle, sitting on a swing.  She thought that she was by herself, but a fairy prince was hiding in the grass and was watching her.  He was looking for his baby fairy, and he thought that Princess Amber was hiding her in the castle.  

Amber’s friend, Princess Summer, came over and they were watching TV and talking about Princess Amber’s 16th birthday party.  They went into the kitchen for tea and biscuits.  They heard something tapping and they opened the press to get tea and biscuits, and found a fairy baby inside eating a biscuit.

“Oh! Isn’t she tiny! Isn’t she gorgeous!” said Amber.

“What’s a baby doing in here? Can we keep her?” asked Summer.

“I don’t know.  We should try to find her mum and dad first.  And if we don’t, we can keep her.”

The fairy prince had jumped up on the window sill to watch the princesses and saw the princesses find his baby...