Annie’s Adventures

Dublin South Arch Club, 18 February 2016 

Annie lived in a small village at the edge of the kingdom. 

One day in the summer, it was really hot. Annie decided to go swimming. She wanted to ask her best friend Marley, who lived in the orphanage. 

Annie knocked on the door of the orphanage three times. Marley opened the door. “Would you like to go swimming with me?” Annie asked. 

She says “ Yes I would. Will we go fishing too?” 

Annie said, “Maybe later.”
Annie and Marley put their swimming suits on and packed a picnic lunch. They packed sandwiches, apples, bananas, a pineapple, crackers, watermelon, cheese, biscuits and chocolate. The brought juice and pink lemonade to drink.
On their way to the beach, Annie and Marley forgot their suncream. They went back to the orphanage to get it. 

When they got to the orphange and opened the door,  the rooms were pitch dark because the power was out.  Annie was really scared of the dark. 

“Do you have a head torch?” asked Annie. 

“Yes” said Marley. “I have a head torch but I have to go find it.”

Annie was alone in the dark room and was very scared. She heard whispering and a loud thud.

“Who’s there?” Annie said. 

“It’s me, Christopher,” said the voice.

“Where are you?” asked Annie.
“I’m in the corner. I dropped my book. Can you help me find it?” asked Christopher.

“I haven’t got a head torch with me. My best friend has gone to find it,” said Annie.

Marley had  searched the whole orphanage  for the head torch. She found it near the washing machine, where the dirty clothes were. 

“I found the headtorch and the suncream,” said Marley. “They were both in the same area.”

“Would you mind if Christopher goes swimming with us?” said Annie.

Marley said, “It’s okay if we have enough food.” They decided to make an extra sandwich for Christopher. 

The three of them set off for the beach. As they turned left, about ten minutes down the path, they could see a big, beautiful castle. 

“That’s a beautiful castle”, said Annie “I wish I could live there.” 

“That’s where I live,” said Christopher...