The Attack of the Grass Monster

Scoil Assaim, 5th Class, 13 October 2021

There was once a girl with hay fever and asthma.

She didn’t have many friends but she had her best friend Luke who was always by her side. 

She didn’t go outside because she was scared of the grass monster.

The grass monster was a giant humanoid creature made up entirely of grass.

Her brother always teased her because she was afraid of the make-believe monster.

Oh, I forgot to mention her name was Alice. Her best friend Luke always encouraged her to go outside.

One night Alice and Luke went out and the grass monster was real. 

Luke said, “Why don’t we try to defeat him so he won’t be haunting us anymore?”

Alice said, “We won’t be able to catch that thing because he’s twenty feet tall.”

Luke said, “We should still try.”

They tried to chase the grass monster but he got away...