Attack Of The Spider Pigs

​Gaelscoil an Choilín, Mullingar, 6th Class, 23 May 2017

Rising from the dust after a battle with a mutated spider pig, Steve the llama was dazed. 

He rang his best friend, Mr Cat.  

“Hello, I’ve a headache.  I need help!”  said Steve in a squeaky voice. 

“I’ll be right over,” replied Mr. Cat in his Russian accent.

The two friends meet in an old car - a Porsche.  

“You don’t need no hospital.  I’m going to take you to Fish World!” Mr Cat told Steve.

Steve was feeling excited.  He had always wanted to go to Fish World.  He couldn’t swim but his dream had always been to become a fish. 

At Fish World, Steve shoved a clam on his head to help him to breathe underwater.

Two minutes later, his best friend Mr. Cat jumped into the sea in a diving suit (courtesy of a secret agency).

Just then, four spider pigs jumped into the water and went after Steve and Mr Cat. 

Steve was disgusted and gobsmacked by his biggest fear - SPIDER PIGS!  

He yelled to Mr. Cat for help,

“Help me Cat!!!  I’m too slow at swimming!”...