Aww, Glen!

St Fiachra's Senior School, 6th Class, 15th June 2009
Cornelius the brick was on a building site for an apartment block in Darndale when a box of cigarettes falls out of a workman’s pocket.

“Rawr! Where am I?” said the box of cigarettes.

“You’re in Darndale. What’s the story? My name is Cornelius, what’s yours?” asked Cornelius.

“Your name is Cornelius? You must have a tough life. My name is Glen,”  said the box of cigarettes.

“You’re not from around here, are you? All the bricks have names like mine,” replied Cornelius.

“I’m from Ballymun,” said Glen. He noticed Cornelius gazing at the cement mixer. “That’s Sandy,” he told Cornelius.

Cornelius turned even redder than usual and said, “Do you know her?”

Glen said, “Yes, I do. That’s me ma! Eh…why do you want to know?”

“I fancy her. Is she free next Saturday?” asks Cornelius.

“I don’t know, but I think another brick fancies her as well,” Glen lied.

He didn’t want his mother going out with a brick...