The Baby Who Grew

St Enda’s National School, Whitefriar Street, March 1st, 2012, 3rd Class 
Once upon a time, there was a small, normal baby called Jojo.

One day Jojo’s mother, Mrs Angry McGuigan, the well-known witch, sat Jojo down and said, ”You see this cupcake here, don’t ever eat it, ever.”Before the words were out of her mouth, Jojo leapt on the cupcake and stuffed it into his mouth.

Mrs McGuigan shouted, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!”
Suddenly, Jojo started to grow. He grew to the size of the school and burst through the walls of his house.

Because he was holding his rattle, the rattle grew as well.

Five thousand Gardas turned up and tried to capture him.

 They shouted at him, “Freeze!”

“Ga ga ga ga ga,” said Jojo and knocked them all over with the rattle.

Then he ran away, knocking over buildings that were in his path.

Meanwhile, down at the sea, Millie the Mermaid and her pet dolphin, Coco, were looking for coconuts.

They swam to the shore and when they got out of the water, Millie suddenly grew a human body and Coco turned into a sparkly and shiny red BMW.

“This is a nightmare,” Millie said, “there’s no coconut on this beach.”

“We could check that mountain over there,” said Coco.

Together they began to climb the mountain, but little did they know it wasn’t a real mountain, it was Jojo asleep!...