The BaChippies

Mary Mother of Hope Senior School, Littlepace, 6th Class, 22nd March 2012
“I love you, banana,” said Joey while gazing into the mirror.

Joey was planning on proposing that very day but he couldn’t find his courage.

Also, the anti-Banana/Hippie Marriage Law was standing in the way and Sergeant Bob the Chicken was always watching.  Always waiting.

As Joey DeHippie was combing his ‘fro, the guilt steamed up as he remembered the banana toasted sandwich he’d eaten the other day. So far, the bananas were giving him the silent treatment.

He had known the banana all of his life. In fact, the banana had saved his life.

Joey had been writing a song on his banjo called “How I Love to See You, My Banana, Everyday” and didn’t realise the house was on fire. 

The banana had been walking down the street and slipped on an apple peel through the window and saw the house on fire and saved the hippie. From that day on, the banana was the only fruit that the hippie would ever love.

But the banana didn’t love him back, she loved Sergeant Bob...