Bagels Are Back

St. Francis Senior National School, Priorswood, 4th Class, 1st May 2012
One day Mr. Bagelson was the last bagel in the packet. Suddenly, someone  picked him up and bit him in the head.

“Help me, I am about to be eaten,” said Mr. Bagelson in his squeaky man voice.

Cornelius, the geeky purple waffle, heard him and wheeled (Cornelius was wearing his roller skates) over to help him.  He threw himself on the man’s face, covering his eyes.

Mr Bagelson jumped off the counter and ran out of the house and down a dark alley. He saw a shadow in the alley and thought it was a friend.

“Will you help me?” said Mr. Bagelson to the Shadow and ran over to it.

“Hi, I’m Elmo,” said Elmo and he started to dance.  Elmo was a bagel too.

Mr Bagelson jumped into the air and started to run away.

Elmo followed him, saying, “I just want to be friends...”