Bakery Brawls

Willow Park School, Blackrock. 5th Class
It was a Saturday night when I saw it. I took this delicious chocolate chip muffin out of the oven when legs and arms popped out of it and it ran away! 

Chapter One

Pat the Baker had baked the Muffin Man and chased him angrily out of the store.

Afro Man jumped in between Pat the Baker and Muffin Man. 

“You crazy fooo!” he shouted at Pat.

“You’ll never get me!” the Muffin Man taunted. “Run run run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Muffin Man!”

Pat the Baker threw a spoon at Muffin Man, but it bounced back off Afro Man’s big hair and hit Pat in the face. This made him even more ugly than before!

“Now you see why I have an Afro,” explained Afro Man.

Afro Man was a big man, but the spoon was magic and when it hit him he shrunk (but his hair stayed just as big).

Pat the Baker caught up and threw some sprinkles on Muffin Man who passed out...