The Bamboo Cafe

Gheel Autism Services, Writing Group, Fighting Words Dublin, 4 February 2020

There was quite a disturbance at the cafe when Peter the panda was told they do not serve bamboo.

“What do you mean there is no bamboo here!” said Peter.

“Well,” replied the server, “We don’t get a lot of pandas in here – it’s mostly people.”

“If there aren’t any bamboo leaves then I’m leaving!” Peter left the cafe in a huff.

Peter the panda went to the woods to find his best friend Henry the brown bear.

Henry was at the side of the river catching fish.

“How are you?” asked Henry. “How are you keeping?”

“I’m a little miffed that they don’t serve bamboo in cafes or restaurants anywhere,” Peter grumbled.

Henry said, “It sounds like a fantastic business idea – so you should serve eucalyptus leaves too.

That would bring in the koalas.”

Peter decided to set up his Cafe in a field near Dublin Zoo...