Barney the Hippie and His Purple Toenails

Scoil Mobhi, Glasnevin. 4th Class, 18 November 2009.
Barney the Hippie was at home, trying to shave his mustache. He was unsuccessful, and he thought he would grow a beard.

After he tried to shave, he tried to clip his toenails, but he was too scared, because his toenails were purple.

He had painted his toenails purple, but the polish had not come off.  So then he tried to give himself a pedicure.

He said, “My risk of survival is terrible because I have purple toenails!”

He thought his girlfriend would never come back.


Barney wanted to get into jail to see Jellybean Jackson and also because he wanted to try the food.

Jellybean Jackson was in jail because he had been tasting food in the supermarket. He never wanted to see Barney the Hippie again because of Barney’s purple toenails and because Barney talked Jellybean Jackson into eating the supermarket food.

Jellybean Jackson said, “Thank goodness I’m in jail! Hehe! That way I can get away from the family of bats!”

Barney the Hippie wanted to get into jail to see Jellybean Jackson because Jellybean Jackson had kissed his girlfriend (and because then he wouldn’t have to buy his own food.)....