The Bathroom Life

St Francis of Assisi National School, Balgriffin, Dublin 13, 3rd Class, 9 June 2017 

Once there was a toilet called Professor Broken Toilet. Beside him lived his best friend, Smushy the sink.

They lived in a really big bathroom with green walls.

Professor Broken Toilet once had a dream to be human.

The magical mirror above the sink told him that he must defeat Mr Buttfarts the Third in order to become human. 

Professor Broken Toilet was trying to make a machine to turn him human, but Mr Buttfarts the Third kept sitting on him. 

Professor Broken Toilet used to be a normal toilet and everyone used to sit on him.

Unfortunately, Mr Buttfarts had broken him.

One day Professor Broken Toilet said, “Oh, Smushy, will you help me think?

We need to make a plan to defeat Mr Buttfarts the Third.” 

Smushy the sink came up with a plan and wrote it out on the toilet paper.

Just then, Mr Buttfarts the Third came into the bathroom with a hammer.

Could this be the end for Professor Broken Toilet?