The Battle of the Banquet

Our Lady of The Wayside, 6th class, County Wicklow, 25th September 2018

“The battle of the banquet is on today. I have to get out of here,” thought Christian the Cornish pastry.

The battle of the banquet happens every coronation and the pastries are fighting the German Wiener Schnitzels for their right to be on the table at the banquet.

“I really want to win the battle” he thought “but I really want to take Christina the custard cream pastry on a date first.”

“I need to build up the courage first. I’ll get Peter the Profiterole to help me.”

Peter the Profiterole came in to Christians ginger bread house and said: “Yo, what’s up? You ready for this Battle of the ‘Baguette’?” he asked.

“It’s a ‘Banquet’” said Christian “and I need your help.

I want to take Christina on a date and I was thinking of bringing her to the oven where we were first baked.”

“Why don’t you ask her now?” Peter replied “there she is now.”

Christian walked over to the window to see General Vlad the Wiener schnitzel kneeling down on one knee with a gummy ring proposing to Christina.