Battle of the Chefs

Two-Mile House National School, Naas, 6th Class, 26th January 2012
In a restaurant in Spain lived a mean chef called Jason.

One day he was licking his moustache and trying to get the ingredients right for a burger.

Mickey the Minion, who had just come in from the banana shop, said, “Excuse me Master.”

Jason replied, “What now Mickey I’m busy?”

“I have something to tell you that you might be delighted about.  It involves big money.”

Jason’s eyes popped out at the mention of money.
“There’s a cookery competition in France called the Battle of the Chefs.  If you win, you get 25 grand.”

“What do you mean IF?! Of course I’ll win!” replied Jason.

“But there is a big chef in France that might win,” said Mickey.

Jason went to work on his infamous recipe, guinea pig Carbonara.

He tried to catch a guinea pig, but he could not so he went to Vinnie’s the Guinea Pet World with Mickey the Minion.

While Jason was distracting Vinnie, Mickey stole a guinea pig and put it in his man bag…..