The Battle At KFC

St. Conleth and Mary's National School, Newbridge, 4th Class, Fighting Words Kildare, 24 September 2021

Loaf of Bread, the most dangerous thing on earth, likes chicken. 

Loaf of Bread's best friend is Jeff and he is a chicken curry.  They had a great friendship where they prank each other. 

“Jeff, we need to turn the world into bread,” said Loaf of Bread.

“No, we should turn the world into chicken curry,” said Jeff. “If you turn the world into chicken curry then we can eat chicken curry every day.”

They continued their argument about turning their world into bread or chicken curry.

Suddenly, a spaceship crash landed outside of KFC while Loaf of Bread and Jeff were looking for some food. 

When the spaceship landed loads of loaves of bread exploded out of it!

One of the loaves of bread says as he clears his throat “Loaf of Bread, we need your help!”.

Loaf of Bread knew what was going to happen next.

He says “I will help you if you give me SUPERPOWERS!”

Jeff is really shocked especially when he sees an army of Chicken Curry walking out of the spaceship.

Then, Loaf of Bread screams because he sees a bus of knives pull up. 

The knives try to attack Loaf of Bread which started a war between the Chicken Curry and the Bread…