The Battle of the Scientists

Loreto Primary School, Rathfarnham, 5th Class, 19 January 2017 

Dr Maurice, the mad scientist, was in her lab. She was hanging upside down from the ceiling. 

Her experiment had gone terribly wrong and there had been an explosion. She was contemplating how to make her experiment better. 

Just then, the door swung open and in came Beep the Robot.

“Why are you upside down?” Beep asked. 

“You know I think better when I’m upside down,” replied Dr Maurice. “I’m thinking about a new potion.”

“You never learn,” Beep said. “It will never work.” 

The fumes from the explosion were too strong and Beep started to spark and cough. 

Dr Maurice screamed and jumped down from the ceiling. She sprinkled her magic powder all over the mess to make it disappear and the fumes evaporated. 

She looked in her floating mirror and saw that her face was red instead of the usual green. 

“Your next invention should be a robot cough medicine,” Beep said. 

Just then, the phone rang. She picked it up and it was her least favourite person, Dr Rick.

“This weekend, I’m going to finish the potion to help people walk,” Dr. Rick said. “What are YOU doing?”

“Hey!” said Dr. Maurice. “That was MY idea...”