Becoming a President

St. Patrick’s BNS​, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 4th April 2019

Once there lived a pig called Jeff who had wings. And his best friend was Jerry the Farmer.

Jeff’s greatest wish was to become President of Ireland.

Sadly Jerry the Farmer was the poorest Farmer around.

Luckily he was a veggie farmer so he didn’t eat meat. Jerry also loved soccer.

Jeff’s car was called the Pigmobile.

Jeff entered a competition to become President of Ireland and when he received a letter telling him he got the most votes, he rushed in to Jerry and screamed ‘I am the President of Ireland.

Jeff hurried to his Pigmobile and he flew towards the Pink House.

On his way he crashed into a Volcano. Suddenly it started to erupt and guacamole blasted from the crater.

Unfortunately his greatest fear was guacamole and if it touched him he would turn into an avocado