The Behemoth Bone Bank

Gaelscoil Cholaiste Mhuire, 4th class, 5th February 2021

A few years ago Bob the Dog had a loving owner but then one day he had enough of his messing and left him on the street.

About a year later he was wandering the street all wet and cold and he spotted a cat who’s name was Nat living in a box near a bin.

“Hi Nat,” Bob said. “What happened to you?”

“My owner has left me out on the street,” Nat replied. 

“Me too,” said Bob. 

“Oh, that’s bad,” said Nat.

Nat started to walk away and Bob shouted, “No! Don’t walk away.

We could be friends.”

“What’s a friend?” asked Nat.

“A friend is when two animals or humans stay with each other and be nice to each other,” said Bob. “We could be friends.”

Nat started to run away but Bob said, “Wait! Come back!

I need you! I want to rob the bone bank and I need your help because Gerald the Giraffe is on the security team and I know he’s allergic to cats.”

The following morning, Nat and Bob woke up to a rumbling sound outside the box and they got up to look at a big machine destroying their home...