Our Lady of Victories Girls’ School, Ballymun Road, 6th Class, 5th May 2015
Lucy was moving into her new house. She was putting boxes into the attic and she discovered a doll. The doll was in a dusty, dirty, damaged box.

The doll had blue eyes and brown plaits. She also had a scar on her face and her baby pink dress was stained.

Lucy collected dolls and she said, “Ooh, that’s pretty!”

She opened the box and lifted the doll out. She said, “I’ll clean your dress and re-plait your hair. It’s a bit of a mess.”

Lucy went back downstairs to her bedroom and put the doll on her bed. She found a spider in the doll’s hair. She picked up the spider and put it out the window.

When she turned around, the doll was in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth.

Lucy thought, “When did I leave the doll there?”

Just then she was called down for dinner. That evening, Lucy went back upstairs to her room. The doll was missing from the chair.

Lucy called to her mother, “I found a doll in the attic today. I left it in my room and now it’s gone. Did Lily take it? She always takes my stuff.”

“It wasn’t Lily, she’s at her friends house,” her mother said.

Lucy went back up to the attic. She found the doll back in the box. She noticed there was a name on the box, it said ‘Bella.’

“How did you get up here?” she asked. The attic door shut. It went dark in the room. When Lucy turned on the lights, the doll was not in the box.

“Lucy, there’s a new doll in your room!” her mother called. Lucy ran back downstairs, before the doll could move again.

The doll’s head turned to Lucy, eyes glowing. “Hello, do you want to play Hide-and-seek again?”