Ben the Elephant vs Stinky the Ant

St.David’s BNS, Artane, 5th Class, 23rd January 2017

It all started with Ben the Elephant. He wanted to be President of Irengland. 

Ben’s best mate was Billy the Blob. Ben the Elephant and Billy the Blob were afraid of ants. 

“I hear Stinky the Ant is going to run against you for President,” said Billy the Blob. 

Ben the Elephant replied, “WHAT? You know I’m afraid of ants!”

“He wants to build a castle to block out any other animals except ants,” Billy told him.

Ben the Elephant had an idea. He was going to go all around town, paying people to vote for him.

He was going to build a castle to house all the homeless people. 

Stinky the Ant was jealous. He decided to dress up as Ben the Elephant to take the money back off people. 

But then Ben the Elephant went into town and saw Stinky the Ant dressed up as him. Ben wanted to get his revenge...