Benny the Clumsy Donkey and Spotty the Rapping Giraffe

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun, 4th Class. 09 November 2009
Benny the Clumsy Donkey walked through the zoo.

He saw a monkey and he jumped. He got a fright because he thought someone was behind him, but it was only his shadow.

Benny was always scared of his shadow. Then he went to the giraffe part of the zoo.  He wanted to see his friend, Spotty.

“Spotty, would you like me to get you out of here and we’ll go out of the zoo?” asked Benny.

“Yes,” said Spotty,”but I can’t get out. I want to get some money. I’m a rapping and dancing giraffe.”

Benny went to get some lunch, but the peacocks came over and stole it. The female donkey, Tina, who owned the peacocks, went over and got them.

Benny asked her out, but she said, “no, you’re much too ugly. I will NOT go out with you.”

The peacocks felt bad about stealing his lunch.

“Sorry, do you want to go play with us?” they said.

They went off to the park, to the slides.

Benny decided to go to the swings and fell off. He fell off because he saw his shadow. He covered himself with mud, to keep the shadow away.

He felt dirty and sad,because he was afraid of his shadow and wanted to become handsome.

He found a shiny bottle of potion in the mud....