Bertha and the Pea

Fighting Words at Westport Arts Festival, Gaelscoil na Cruaiche​, 24 October 2018

Bertha was having a dream about going to space.

Dingdong! Dingdong! Dingdong!

Bertha was startled awake from her dream. She rushed to the door to see who was there.

Joe-Jing the post-cat had a letter from Patricia the Banana for Bertha.

“Oh boy! It’s our tickets for going into space!” she squealed excitedly.

Berthan rushed into the house to prepare. She rang Patricia the Banana.

“Thank you for the tickets, Patricia. You are coming with me you know!” she said gratefully.

“I…I…I am definitely not going with you. Not when The Pea is in space!” Patricia said dramatically.

“Don’t worry about The Pea. I have a plan!” said Bertha…