Bieber: The Evil One

Gorey Educate Together NS, 6th Class, 02/06/10
Once upon a time in a French museum called De Pic Du Midi, a Talking Picture and his best friend, the Mona Lisa, took out their Cheryl Cole albums and listened to them.

“Bonjour Madam.” said the Talking picture

“Isn’t Cheryl Cole great?” replied the Mona Lisa

A Thierry Henry picture tried talking to the friends, but they quickly gave him the cold shoulder.

“Yes, she’s playing here next week, but Justin Bieber is the opening act and I can’t stand him!” said the Talking Picture

“Oh no, I think he’s wonderful!” said the Mona Lisa

“Right, well we’ll go to the concert anyways, but how will we get there?” asked the Talking Picture