The Big Burger Escape

​Scoil Eoin Baisde Cailiní Naoidh, Clontarf, 1st Class, 15 May 2017 

Brian the Burger was at the butcher’s counter in Nolan’s Supermarket waiting to be bought.

He was worried because he might be eaten.

Brian had always been a sorrowful little burger because he didn't have any friends.

Teachers were Brian’s greatest fear. His greatest fear was coming his way.

One day, Brian was bought by a woman in high heels but he didn't know what her job was.

She said to the butcher, “This looks like a splendid burger.”

The butcher put Brian in a plastic bag and gave it to the woman.

The woman put the bag in her trolley.

In the shopping bag Brian met a gumball.

“Hello, my great friend, my name is Fred,” said the gumball.

“Hello,” said Brian. He stopped for a second, he was feeling a bit scared. He didn't know where they were going.

“Do you know what is going to happen?” asked Brian.

“I think we are going to a school, I heard the woman talking on the phone.

I think we’re all going to lunch,” said Fred happily.

Brian felt a bit nervous. He was afraid that they were going to BE lunch…