Big Mama

6th class, St Fiachra's National School, Beaumont. 23rd April 2009
One day Big Mama was at McDonald’s in Artane. She was trying to get through the automatic door but she didn’t fit. She was half in and half out and couldn’t get in.

Big Mama was starving as always. The doors broke, though, and she got in. This made the McDonald’s workers very angry and they refused to serve her. She rolled next door to KFC, because they had bigger doors. Big Mama bought a Family Meal for only herself.

After she ate, she went to pick up her best friend Phil from the airport. She couldn’t fit in a taxi and had to hire a double decker bus.

Phil had been in America on his holidays and he brought Big Mama back a belly dancing costume and vouchers for McDonald’s. He knew that she loved McDonald’s and that more than anything she wanted to be a belly dancer.

“Thank you, Phil,” Big Mama said as she hugged Phil. But she was so fat that her stomach covered him up and she couldn’t hear what he said. After she let him go, he said, “It’s nice to see you.”

Later when Big Mama got home she saw an ad in the newspaper for a belly dancing competition. The prize was money and liposuction.

“If I win,” Big Mama thought, “I can get slimmer so that I can ask Phil out on a date.”

She tried on the belly dancing costume but the buttons popped off. Now not only did she have to learn how to dance, but she had to get a new costume she could fit in.......