Billy Bob Bobson's Random Adventures

St Patrick's National School, Glencullen 4th, 5th & 6th Class, 21st May 2009
One day Billy Bob Bobson, that crazy and grumpy old man, was in his bedroom talking to his best friend Harry the Hamster.

Harry looked back blankly so Billy Bob decided to go out and cut his grass. His neighbour, Amy BeerFlat(who had a pet gerbil called Gary) told Billy Bob that she was entering the Y Factor.

Billy Bob felt jealous and decided to enter the Y Factor too. The Y Factor was a race around the world. Billy Bob only had a tricycle so he decided to use that.

Billy Bob didn’t know anything about the race so he decided to look it up on his computer. He didn’t know how to turn on the computer so he whacked it with his walking stick. His great great grandaughter had given him the computer as a present. It came on after he hit it.

Amy BeerFlat told Billy Bob that the race started in Bejing. Billy got a plane to Bejing and the plane crash landed in the Birds Nest Stadium...