Billy Bob Joe and the Bottle of Guinness

St. Colmcille’s, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 09 October 2019

One Wednesday, Billy Bob Joe, the dog, met a genie.

He asked the genie if he could go to the bar to get a free bottle of Guinness.

The genie went to the bar and gave the bottle of Guinness to Billy Bob Joe. 

The bottle and Billy became best friends.

“I’d like to drink you” said Billy Bob Joe.

“Don’t drink me, but do you want to be friends?” replied the bottle.

My name is Timmy”

They went back together to the genie and said:

“We have one wish, to go to Dog Land where there is a ton of rides, our favourite food and all our friends”.

“Your wish is my command!” said the genie.

They walked through Dog Land and came by a farm.  They went into the farm and saw a scarecrow. 

Thinking he was nice they went up to him and said hello.  But the Scarecrow went on fire and chased after them…