Billy Bob Joe & Spotty the Puppy’s Great Adventure

St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School, St. Mary’s Rd, Cork, 4th Class  13th Jan 2016

Billy Bob Joe was day-dreaming in school of being an astronaut.

He lived in America. He was meant to be doing his maths but instead he was drawing pictures of himself in space. 

The teacher asked him for his maths, but there was none there, it was full of drawings. 

Miss Mc Meanie was furious and she shouted at him: 

``What are you doing?! You should be doing your maths!’’

Billy Bob Joe said ``Nothing,’’ cheekily. 

``After school you can see me in detention!’’ she shouted at him.  

After school Spotty the Puppy was waiting for Billy-Bob Joe, but he wasn’t there because he had detention.

Spotty saw him in the window and he ran in the door of the school. 

Spotty the Puppy brought Billy Bob Joe to the toyshop and he showed him a spaceship in the window.

It wasn’t an ordinary toyshop, it was a magic shop. Spotty knocked over a potion and it made him talk!

When they went home, Spotty went to the letterbox and got a letter. 

He gave it to Billy Bob Joe. They opened the letter and it was from NASA. It said: 

``You’ve won a free ride to space’’...