BillyMcSchmitty Saves the Day

Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada​, Lucan, Co. Dublin, 3rd Class, 25 June 2019

Mr Grump the old man was very grumpy. He had a pet turtle called BillyMcSchmitty.

They lived in a small house on Woodfarm Road.

A kid walked up to Mr Grump and threw his bike away. Then the kid ran away.

Mr Grump always had BillyMcSchmitty the turtle guard his lawn.

When BillyMcSchmitty made a noise, Mr Grump came out and took the kid’s toys.

Mr Grump said, “Why am I so grumpy all the time?”

BillyMcSchmitty replied, “Because I remind you of your family. We should meet them in Spain.”

Mr Grump didn’t have enough money to go, so he tried to get a job.

It might have been hard for him because he got fired from his last job.

Finally, Mr Grump got a new job at the biscuit factory.

While Mr Grump was working, BillyMcSchmitty booked the holiday…