The Blobbers

Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige, Churchtown, 1st Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 26 January 2021

Once there was a blob of slime, and his name was Blob. There was another pencil-shaped blob of slime, named Pencil.

They were cycling on the road, on their Blobmobiles. They decided to go surfing.

“I don’t really want to go surfing, I’m scared of water”, said Blob. 

“We will be fine,” replied Pencil. “We will be on our surfboard and we won’t get wet”. 

Then, a scary ghost rose from the ocean, when they reached the beach. 

“Oh no!”, shouted Blob. “Let’s get away, and go to our Blobmobiles”. 

Suddenly, their Blobmobiles were blown up! They ran away, but Pencil got caught by a wave, and washed away.

Blob noticed that the ghost from before was a projection from the shore.

Blob had to rescue him, but when they came out of the water, they were no longer slime…