Bloopy and the Beast

Galway Educate Together National School, Thomas Hynes Road, Newcastle, Galway, 4th Class, 14 June 2019

Bloopy was made in a factory and he was a shape shifter. He was dreaming about his imaginary friend.

Bloopy lived in little hut in the forest. The people in the factory had gone for wood and they had accidentally lost him there.

Left alone in the forest, Bloopy turned his hut into a high tech zone.

He spent most of his days inside because there was a giant rabbit outside.

Bloopy spent his days trying to create his best friend by shape shifting.

One day, he heard a knock on the door and a worm was there.

The worm was called Bartholomew.

He said, “Can you please save my brother?

A giant rabbit is trying to eat him?”

Bloopy ran outside and tried to help him.

“Are you okay up there?” asked Bloopy to Bartholomew’s brother.

But the worm was already in the mouth of the giant rabbit!

Bloopy shape shifted into a tree.The rabbit released the worm and turned his attention to the tree.

Then the two worms slithered in to the house and locked Bloopy out...